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Below are some Awards and Recommendations from some very satisfied customers and visitors who used our services in Jordan. References provided per request to qualified candidates.

Testimonials "Some companies awarded the INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR TOURIST, HOTEL AND CATEING INDUSTRY in previous years"

"The Selection Committee for the 29th INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR TOURIST, HOTEL AND CATEING INDUSTRY, an award created by The Publishing House in collaboration with the TRADE LEADERS? CLUB to honor the most outstanding establishments in the tourist, has chosen MONTE CARLO RENT A CAR - JORDAN as a winner of the Trophy for the year 2004"

Germany Perez Garrasco, 63
28027 MADRID (Spain)

Recommendations from our valued clients;
Amaury La Fonta
2013-05-23, 07:15
Thanks to the team of Monte Carlo for their very good and highly professional service. They contributed to making our journey in the beautiful country of Jordan even more enjoyable. The major rental car companies could learn a lot from their personal...

Rent A Car In Jordan for a beautiful ride in Jordan

One must take some time off from their busy schedule and experience something else, for a change. Well, that 'something else' is none other than taking yourself and, your friends or family to explore the entire world! Ever considered to experience some place as marvelous and as breathtaking as Jordan? Yes?

So, if you have made this wise decision already, what have decided for yourself as your conveyance partners? Did you Rent A Car In Jordan by now? And if not, then you should better start considering this thing. Only car rental services can make your touring experience worth. Imagine right from the start situation, when you just reach Jordan. Are you going to search for the taxi carrying your luggage and your kids? This might seem just a difficult situation for you right now, but one can spoil the complete tour.

In fact, everyone gets way too tired to even search for the taxi. So, you should completely forget about getting a proper taxi on time. To avoid this situation, you should always Rent A Car In Jordan right after you have a confirm plan to visit this place. Do not rent a car only at the time of reaching hotels from the airport, but throughout your journey. Because, when you rent a car, half of your journey issues are solved. No tension to carry your own luggage, no tension of the routes and other things. You can have a sheer fun with your family and enjoy the marvel and mystic beauty of Jordan. All of the above things with taxi services are applied if and only if the car renters are of the best grade in terms of facility, services, their cars and most importantly, their fares. Significantly, there are a few ones having the best grades and one of them is: Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo, is the best for those who want to savor the real beauty of Jordan in a completely relaxed and joyous mood. If you rent a car in Jordan, no one else but they are the perfect one for you. Because, when you venture into a place for the first time, you should never compromise with such services. They have a number of cars, only the best cars. They will also provide you a personal guide who will make sure that you do not miss a single worth watching place.