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Below are some Awards and Recommendations from some very satisfied customers and visitors who used our services in Jordan. References provided per request to qualified candidates.

Testimonials "Some companies awarded the INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR TOURIST, HOTEL AND CATEING INDUSTRY in previous years"

"The Selection Committee for the 29th INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR TOURIST, HOTEL AND CATEING INDUSTRY, an award created by The Publishing House in collaboration with the TRADE LEADERS? CLUB to honor the most outstanding establishments in the tourist, has chosen MONTE CARLO RENT A CAR - JORDAN as a winner of the Trophy for the year 2004"

Germany Perez Garrasco, 63
28027 MADRID (Spain)

Recommendations from our valued clients;
Amaury La Fonta
2013-05-23, 07:15
Thanks to the team of Monte Carlo for their very good and highly professional service. They contributed to making our journey in the beautiful country of Jordan even more enjoyable. The major rental car companies could learn a lot from their personal...

Enjoy a tension free tour with Car Leasing in Abu Dhabi

Many of you would agree to the fact that taking some days out for travelling to some new places keeps you refreshed and energize you for months to come. And, for the ones who are very busy with their schedules, an outing would be a perfect solution to spend a quality time with their loved ones.

Are you already planning for something like outing? Ever given a thought to have a visit to a place like Abu Dhabi? Well, if yes is what you said then wait, because you are no done yet. To assure that everything goes according to, just as you have planned and wished, make sure that pick up for Car Leasing In Abu Dhabi.

You should make sure to lease the cars of only the ones whose cars are insured, so that you can trust them with your safety and get a rough idea that you and your betterment is one of their major concerns. You should also make sure that their drivers are punctual, so that you don't have to wait at the airport, along with your family and heavy luggage, for them to arrive. Always pick for those Car Leasing in Abu Dhabi providers whose guides are thorough and well acquainted with the tourist spots and guide you to every single tourist spot.

In addition to the insurance, driver and guide; there are some other attributes that you should pay attention to. Other services include; the amenities in the car, its comfort level and of course its fare. Make sure you choose a car that better off you and your family. If you are going in groups, book a car that is suitable enough to accommodate all of you, so that any one of you does not have to compromise with the comfort.

It is very difficult to find for the perfect ones, who lift up each and every expectation of yours. But you do not have to worry! There is definitely the one, Monte Carlo, who is considered the best in providing Car Leasing In Abu Dhabi. Their cars are fully insured and they make sure that you don't have to wait for anything, as their drivers are punctual of time. To make sure that you do not regret the discomfort caused by some other con car leasers, try them and they will never make you regret.