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Below are some Awards and Recommendations from some very satisfied customers and visitors who used our services in Jordan. References provided per request to qualified candidates.

Testimonials "Some companies awarded the INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR TOURIST, HOTEL AND CATEING INDUSTRY in previous years"

"The Selection Committee for the 29th INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR TOURIST, HOTEL AND CATEING INDUSTRY, an award created by The Publishing House in collaboration with the TRADE LEADERS? CLUB to honor the most outstanding establishments in the tourist, has chosen MONTE CARLO RENT A CAR - JORDAN as a winner of the Trophy for the year 2004"

Germany Perez Garrasco, 63
28027 MADRID (Spain)

Recommendations from our valued clients;
Amaury La Fonta
2013-05-23, 07:15
Thanks to the team of Monte Carlo for their very good and highly professional service. They contributed to making our journey in the beautiful country of Jordan even more enjoyable. The major rental car companies could learn a lot from their personal...

Explore Dubai in your dream car with Dubai Airport Car Rental

Are you tempted to travel some exotic place that is an ideal destination for shopping, has beautiful night life, Heritage and museums and a lot more; or in other words 'Dubai', so that you have a perfect therapy to revive and refresh your soul? Well, if you have already considered this place as your latest destination, what else have you planned yet? Because, if you do not want to regret for anything relating to your tour to Dubai, going for a Dubai Airport Car Rental service will be the wisest thing for you and your company. This service will avail you anything and everything you might need right from the moment you reach the airport to the moment you will leave it.

Dubai is no doubt one of the paradises on our planet and will leave no chance to make your experience as that of heaven but, with one definite and necessary condition applied. And that is when you have something that lets you explore this place comfortably , with you and your loved ones, without you getting concerned about anything. And do you think that 'something' could be anything other than a rented car? No, right?

Some of the car rental service providers are so genuine with their services that, just when you reach Dubai Airport Car Rental facilities are right at your service. They are very much aware with the fact that your journey will get you weary, and therefore they make sure that you do not wait for even a single second after reaching the airport. Their drivers are so courteous and respectful that they will carry all your bags and belongings for you. And their cars are the epitome of leisure and comfort, which facilitates each and every amenity you might need to refresh and cheer up yourself.

And if you are looking for reliable services, then you should select no one else but Monte Carlo. They do not compromise with the quality of the amenities they provide you. And as your care is of utmost importance for them, all of their cars, economical or luxurious, are fully insured. No one but they can facilitate you to discard any car if you are not satisfied. To be relaxed further, you can book for the cars right from where you are, sitting at your home. Just let them know about the number of members, number of days you are going to stay and about your budget. For the rest, you will be given the best service.